🐰 welcome to usagi sweets online pre-order shop!

we are taking pre-orders for pick-up on orders over $20 and placed by 11:00 AM the day before pick-up. 

*whole cakes require two days advance notice*

current hours: fridays and saturdays from 12 - 4

please specify in the notes if the box of sweets is a gift and you would like a ribbon around the box to make it special 🎀.

🛍️ if you would like your order in a paper bag, please add one to your order ($0.25).


our full menu is not yet available. we will be making more items available, please see the blog for updates.


the shop will be open with a limited selection of sweets to purchase but we cannot guarantee any items will be available unless a pre-order has been placed.




(orders for future dates are accepted but must specify the date under notes)


*box sizes do not need to be requested. we will package your order in the corresponding box for your order size.

♲ our boxes are compostable and green bin okay! pre-orders are lined with parchment paper which is non-recyclable.

🎁 can add ribbons to boxes (for gifts), if requested in notes.

📦 a small fee has been added for pre-packaged items that are not in eco-friendly packaging.

🛍️ if you would like your order placed in a paper bag, please add to cart ($0.25)

as a reference for multiple orders placed as one: 

• available box sizes (# of mochi-mochi per box)6, 9, 12, 16, 18, 25

• if you have a specific request for your order to be separated into multiple boxes, please let us know how you would like it divided using the box sizes above for reference.

when coming by our shop, please be informed of the following:

- please respect the social distancing markers of 2m (6ft) from other groups of customers.

- we are currently not offering dine in service.

- there is no washroom available for use.

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